15 simple and interesting MacBook hacks

15 simple and interesting MacBook hacks

15 simple and interesting MacBook hacks Fortunately, at this moment, one can reconsider their opinion about online and digital Life. It’s the time to switch and enjoy virtual reality. Through the usage of a brand new computer and requisite apps at home, one can establish a firm step towards simplification of their life. If you are a newbie in the usage of Mac everything seems to be a bit complex and confusing to your eyes. Don’t you worry more, in this article we have covered the best MacBook hacks you wished you could have known earlier? The navigation of Mac OS which is the newest operating system of Apple and is a bit perplexing at the beginning but once you gain more and deeper knowledge about this interface you will be healthy interacting with it, untangle your complex life, and find its life-saving.
Thinking negatively, not learning about Mac, and as a replacement moving back to your good-old computer system may ruin your time and hamper learning skills. We have provided you with a complete list of fifteen interesting hacks for simplifying your monotonous life which will increase your productivity in lesser time. Let’s learn more about every hack that will prove to be an advantage to you. This article is written in keeping the view of newcomers who do not have any previous knowledge and experience about the proper utilization of sierra, the modest and present Mac OS of Apple.

15 Macbook Hacks

15 simple and interesting MacBook hacks.

1) Establishment of a smart folder

By default, the file manager is called Finder. This is the place where all your apps, documents, files, personalized devices, connections through the network reside. For customizing to a better finder experience switch to smart folders, this organizes your scattered files by transforming them into folders based on the specified nature decided by you. For achieving these steps follow these procedures:-

Step-1 Open finder on your MacBook
Step-2 Select the file option
Step-3 Click on the new smart fold

2) Gain more knowledge about the Dock

15 simple and interesting MacBook hacks The dock by default is positioned in the downward icon segment of your display screen in the Mac. For your easiness, you can change the icon available in your dock by changing its position, altering, personalization, and enlargement. Steps for the fulfilment of the above hack for MacBook are as follows.
Step 1 directly click on the Apple icon, it is placed on the left side at the upper corner of your Max display screen.
Step 2 go to preferences
For making your dock look more organized and eye-pleasing, you can also have the choice to add or remove spaces between two apps.

3) Perfect usage of voice assistance

15 simple and interesting MacBook hacks Through the advancement of the operating system such as Sierra. You can achieve several milestones just by your voice. Siri is made accessible on almost all Macs these days. For example Siri available on Mac and Siri available for iOS devices. This voice assistance feature can daily update you with the happenings around your surrounding and the world by sharing information directly with you. It can daily report details from entertainment sites to tracing your personal growth.
Whereas its equivalent partner needs a command like ‘hey Siri’ for its activation or working. For stimulating Siri on Mac you need to generate some comprehension for dictation orders.
Steps for activation of Siri, the voice assistant on MacBook
• Select and make a grip on space and command options. Hold it for at least two seconds.
• Then, on the dock, press on the Siri icon. It is placed in the downward bar in between the launch pad logos and the finder.
• From the menu bar, select the mentioned Siri icon which exists in between the notification centre icons and spotlight search.

4) Gain an understanding of the function of the spotlight

15 simple and interesting MacBook hacks If you are not comfortable with the working principle of the dock. Instead of using this, you may prefer the spotlight for working on your programs and applications for gaining a modest and organized Mac Outlook. Steps to gain this hack for MacBook:-
Step-1 Merely hold the command and space bar for opening the spotlight search. You should press both things at the same time of interval.
Step-2 Now, simply the users are allowed to type the name of the program, files, or apps in the spotlight search bar.
Step-3 Usage of specific terminations is a must to access this feature. For example type ‘my previous weeks do to list’ and then directly for previewing it click on the icon. After a while, it will show you the search availability.
5) Achieve maximized output by the application of iWork
I can guarantee that newcomers may not be aware of this interesting hack on Mac. Instead of buying all the Microsoft Office programs separately like Word Excel and PowerPoint, you can approach to work for solving this purpose. iWork is a pre-installed application in your Mac that provides you with pages, numbers, and keynotes which are counterparts of the word, excel, and PowerPoint. From your apple store, you can directly download this collective feature. By the usage of your applications folder, you can approach iWork.

6) Take advantage of your precious iCloud that is free of cost for storage purpose

On iCloud, the Mac users are provided with a total of 5 GB of Storage for free of cost. The users are advised to sync their data like files, contact lists, email addresses, calendars, and passwords here which can be later upgraded or altered depending upon the user if they want to access more space for storage.

Easy steps for creating an iCloud account if you aspire to receive more storage options.

15 simple and interesting MacBook hacks
Step-1 From the left corner, placed upside, click on the Apple icon displayed on your Mac screen
Step-2 Select system preferences
Step-3 Move to iCloud
Step-4 With the help of your previously generated Apple ID, simply login. If you do not have an Apple ID then create an original account by providing your personal information.

7) Gear up your skills in trackpad and mouse gestures

Your Mac arrives with a magic trackpad or a Magic Mouse or the trackpad, depending upon the version of the Mac you are using. By valuable commands for the addition of gestures like swiping, pinching, or rolling your fingers you can enable the use of this trackpad. From given actions, which are around fifteen, one can choose any from these for ease. 15 simple and interesting MacBook hacks Users can also enable the use of three fingers at a time on your trackpad by following the steps given below. These are:-
Step-1 Again, select the Apple icon present on the left side of the upper bar of your Mac screen.
Step-2 Then, select system preferences
Step-3 Click on Mouse or trackpad

8) Uses of shortcut through the keyboard, one can save their precious time through this easiest hack

Learn 15 simple and interesting MacBook hacks to avail yourself more keyboard shortcuts to cut your work and save your time. Instead of using command keys which are generally used in Macs. make sure of the Ctrl key like an ordinary PC. Fasten up your work by acquiring more knowledge on some of the keyboard shortcuts given below. For speeding up your work and decreasing its load we have gathered some usually performed tricks. They are as follows:-
• Use command + tab for switching between regularly or recently used apps
• Utilize command + M order for reducing or minimizing the currently used app in the window
• Take advantage of command + option + M directions for minimizing all the windows that are in usage

9) With the help of special characters or figures, one can decorate their text and comprehension

15 Macbook Hacks
If you are in search of a different dialect or fluctuating characters then you may easily approach this by long pressing and holding the character key towards a downward direction for hardly limited seconds. Your display screen will introduce you to a catalogue of a specially designed variety of options. The tool has been proved quite useful for people who have knowledge about versatile languages or understand foreign characters pretty well.

10) With purge and activity monitor, one can hasten up their Mac processing

Although Mac’s speed is incredibly high. But if your Mac is driving at a slower speed then you are requested to clear up some of the available space from your Mac’s storage. Follow these steps in order to carry out this process:-
Step-1 First, move to finder and then open it
Step-2 Select application
Step-3 After selecting applications, from there click on utilities
Step-4 Choose terminal
Step-5 After completion of the above-described steps. Enter ‘sudo purge’ in the search option given to clear up some space. One can erase up to 500 MB of huge memory and gear up the speed of their Macs.

Try to resolve the purpose behind the utilization of resources by which programs or applications. For figuring out this, follow these steps:-

Step- 1 Firstly, launch the Finder on your Mac
Step-2 Choose applications
Step-3 Again, move to utilities
Step-4 For a detailed and specified analysis, go to an activity monitor. From this, you will get a proper acknowledgement about the apps, which were consuming heaps of data and occupies a larger space in your Mac.

11) For a smoother and comfortable experience, learn more about Hot Corners

So, what are hot corners? Hot corners are basically a feature only available in Mac for iOS devices which allows the users to make specifically developed actions or gestures. Through the help of hot corners, one can move the mouse into any of the four corners. You may customize your settings in hot corners, by following these steps given below:-
Step-1 start with the opening of the Apple menu
Step-2 then move to the Apple menu
Step-3 select system preferences
Step-4 move forward to desktop and screen saver
Step-5 open screen saver
Step-6 finally select hot corners
Step-7 a drop-down menu will be immersed in your Mac screen from there you may now choose any action which you would like to perform. Then click on the Ok button. A small reference is given for a potential setup.
• The bottom left can be pressed to enable the mission control option
• The Bottom right for showing desktop
• The Top left for putting your display to sleep
• The top right + command can be used to disable the screen saver

12) Through continuity, one can make interesting or connect their Mac with other Apple or iOS devices

The best feature of continuity is that it helps in giving you permission for beginning a task or project on one Apple device then continuing or ending it in other. For the achievement of this wonderful hack you just need to go through this simple procedure
Step-1 turn on the hands-off characteristic on your Mac
Step-2 then sign in to your iCloud account on the gadgets you are using for completion of your assignment
Step-3 enable your Bluetooth, again in all the devices
Step-4 then simply pair them to the same, strong Wi-Fi network
Now, you are accessible to complete your work productively in lesser time.

13) Frequently make use of Universal clipboard

The Universal Clipboard is one of the newest clipboard characteristic of Mac OS like connectivity, Universal clipboard allows you to work on different apple gadgets. It makes it feasible to copy text, images, even videos from one Apple device to another. For enjoying its availability one must need to login through their iCloud account. For its smooth working the users need to enable their Wi-Fi, turn on Bluetooth, and pair their devices to this Wi-Fi for carrying out the task. After doing this, you can now copy the selected file and paste it into the other devices. This best hack is in complete favour of school-going students and working employers of the technology sector.

14) Access the features of Windows snapping for carrying out multitasking work at the same time interval
Mac users can experience split view which means that the users can go through two different contents like app or Window collectively in side-by-side form. This is called as split view feature which is offered by OS X EI Capitan. The latest Mac OS cleverly merges different apps or Windows with each other so, that the viewers can have parallel viewing and complete their tasks at an increasing speed. It also takes good care of overlapping and prevents collision of apps or Windows from time to time. This feature is also referred to as the stick edges or Windows snapping technique.

You can set up two Windows for apps collectively without overlapping each other by dragging a window from its edge and placing its near to the other. Wait for few seconds because the windows may take a while for completion of the sticking process. Then you may drag another window from its edge for overlapping of the two and can get access to parallel view or side by side view.

15) If you own an Apple watch, then you may try auto unlocking your Mac from the former
Yes, you read it right. If you are exhausted by typing your password again and again during the login in process and fed up with moving the cursor now and then. You may simply make use of Mac OS Sierra which through your voice allows you to unlock your Mac with the help of your apple watch. Isn’t this hack amazing?

I hope you are inquisitive to try out these cool and wonderful hacks as soon as possible. Take forward your steps into the digital world and must try out these easy and interesting fifteen MacBook hacks to simplify your complex life in no time with lesser efforts. Stay updated and touched with the recent technical information and don’t you remain unaware of the internet trends and other hacks which will surely help you gain new reports, as well as the growth of your technological knowledge, takes place simultaneously.

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