Apple Mac-book Pro 14-inch and 16-inch

Apple Mac-book Pro 14-inch and 16-inch

Macbook air 14inch

Last November 2020 apple introduced the apple mac book series with 14 inches and 16 inches with not many up gradations concerning design parameters but on the complaints given by users in earlier years, apple got set up new changes and updated look concerning with users demand.

The new updates kept stress on the parameters like Mag-Safe, more ports, and physical function keys. Also, we could see the disappearance of the touch bar. It can states that apple is receiving and updating its mistakes often claimed by the user’s point of view.

This year 2021 is a good kick start with apple gadgets and series of mac-books released will be stunned by the user point. The below context will blow your mind on getting knowing the pros of mac 14 and mac16 inch gadgets. The specs and features if it is discussed peculiarly.

Due to the pandemic of Covid-19 the released date getting changed by apple, also a point is to be noted that, delay of the launch is because of an up-gradation for the screen, which means Apple plans to use the mini LED displays in the new models showcasing with a stunning look.

Early January 2021 the International security analyst got stated that the launch of the apple mac book likely to be in the third quarter of 2021. let’s hope the MacBook arrived on time as stated above.

Let’s jump into the specs and other improvised parameters.


apple immensely updated the 14 and 126-inch model of mac-book Pro models. With the earlier 13.3 inch model which will replace the upcoming 14-inch model to be, while in contrast with the 16-inch replacing the existing 16-inch version which is available right now in the market.


The redesigned mac book 14 inches doesn’t change its screen size as it looks similar to the existing mac book 13inch, but the display size is increased from a reduction in the top and side bezels of the gadget.

Coming to the mac 16inch there is a slight increase of the physical size, as its transition from the 15.4-inch mac book to the 16-inch Mac Book pro with the physical sizing went upon from 13.75×9.48 inches to 14.09×9.68 inches which could be seen as some things that similar with the 14-inch mac book pro.

The two new versions of the mac book pro will come with the newly designed parameters with the finest finishing and with some notable designed changes. It is also believed that the Macbook versions will come with flat designs similar to the Apple iPhone 12, consisting of no curved edges. There are no huge differences with the existing models but the slight modification in the design may affect the user to experience a new formatted finishing.

The redesigned Macbook pro models will have the same heat pipe design involved with the current using-inch parameters of the 16-inch MacBook pro. Apple redesigned the thermal system of the 16-inch mac book pro, with an increase of the size of the heat pipe with the addition of thermal pads, and increasing the size of the heat sink by 35 per cent.

The new improved thermal systems would enable the system to allow a certain increased power and improved the airflow with heat management, triggering that for a good performance of the apple silicon chips that are expected to be included.


On the statement, regarding the display parameters, it was mentioned that the Macbook versions of 2021 are coating up with eye feasting displays with stunning looks. The new model displays will features in the more improvised form of being “Brighter, higher contrast panels”. The updated versions of the upcoming mac are with a new technology inclusion. It is stated that these are the first Macs with Mini LED displays and improving their significance.

macbook looks

Knowing something about the mini LEDs, or Light-emitting diode inside for backlighting purposes to light up the display. Mini LEDs, as the name, suggests are smaller diodes that are less than 0.2mm.

There is a vast usage of LEDs in the TV displays and in LCD panels which control where the light is displaying on the.


Even with the slight updates with the chassis, there are more minor in scale to be discussed with MacBook 2021 with a new look and new design update. It believes that Apple is going to add additional ports to the MacBook Pro models, though it has not specified which ports are to be added and updated for the Macbook pro new versions.

port of macbook pro

Apple had figured out a new Macbook pro design that did with a finished look with including all the ports except for USB-C ports and the 3.5mm headphone Jack, but the earlier models would states and prevails that those include a Magsafe connector, thunderbolt ports, USB ports, an HDMI port, an SD card reader and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

When comes to the next generation MacBook would come with an intense update of an SD card reader as one of the ports that will be added, providing the ease of accessing the transfer of photos, files that captured by the cameras and, drones and other similar devices.

IT emphasized that the new designs consist of a new updated and required set of ports in the coming MacBook line ups, where it is not necessary for the user to get an alternative prefixed USB ports externally. Therefore, the new machines don’t require an additional dongle as it has sufficient ports that are included by the


macbook pro

It was truly a smart idea when apple introduced it, and it has been admired by so many users. Also on the hand of security, n numbers of mac books got saved due to the addition of this add-on.
The fact that the cable breaks easily if someone trips over it. Also in the past, apple removed it, and It concerned that the USB power cable also got affected on usage, and being loose contact.

MagSafe connectors are used for MacBook pro models from 2006 to 2016 when apple replaced the Magsafe connector with a USB-C port, but now it looks like the return of the Magsafe design in a more realistic way. MagSafe of the Apple Mac-book Pro 14-inch and 16-inch.

It was expected that the MagSafe ports and connectors are equipped with Magsafe charging purposes, with Magsafe charging port to be distinct from the other included USB-C ports.

Magsafe in the new Macbook Pro models is expected to be similar to the MagSafe connectors and ports used earlier in 2016. Which in turn adds a quick-release magnetic connection that prevented damage to the computer and the cable when the cord terminated.

The MagSafe charging port has the advantage of allowing faster charging speeds than are available. With USB-C, and given that Apple is Swapping over to a new charging technology, we can expect the forthcoming MacBook pro models to ship with Magsafe charging cable and accompanying power adapter.


Apple Mac-book Pro 14-inch and 16-inch, Processor

On the initial setup with the 13-inch Macbook pro already has an M1Chip, and in this 2021 year. All new Macbook pro models will gain the apple silicon chips. Apple is not expecting the new versions of Mac with the Intel chips, phasing intel chips out of the notebook line entirely. The processor of Apple Mac-book Pro 14-inch and 16-inch.

Right now Apple is working on the higher end to end Apple silicon chips that have as many as 16 power cores and, which would have any intel CPU in terms of performance.

A predictive benchmark for the “M1X” chip said it may have a 12-core CPU and a 16-core GPU. It could feature 256 execution units, rather than the M1’s 128, and may be able to two external displays instead of just one.

early 2020 equivalents. The version of the M1 in the new MacBook Pro has an eight-core CPU and an eight-core GPU. Apple says the new notebook is up to 2.8x faster with 5x faster graphics than its early 2020 counterpart.

There is also a new GPU technology working right now, where some of which could apply to the new mac pro models. As for the 13-inch Mac’s the apple regained its update of 10th generation Intel processors and more

Another challenge faced by electronic devices is providing sufficient space within the device housing for various components,” it says. “As the number and performance of internal components increases, so do thermal and other demands on the electronic device. Thus, there exists a demand for efficient usage of space within an electronic device, and efficient means of cooling the device.

Apple will never rush to make something thicker, but it does say that there is some appeal to the idea. It can be desirable for an electronic device to include deployable features that can both increase the clearance of the base portion and also improve the efficiency of the internal volume of the base portion while maintaining a portable and sleek form factor,” says the patent application.

That would address the concerns about the bottom of the display casing cracking against tabletops. It would also, seemingly as a happy byproduct, mean that such a MacBook Pro would have a slanted typing angle.

It’s not going to be like the old PowerBooks that had bays where you could slot in optical drives or extra batteries.

What it could do instead, is allow for components to run faster and therefore hotter than normal. The greater volume, the greater possibilities for vents, and thereby air circulation, would allow a MacBook Pro to perform more intensive tasks than before.
Alternatively, though, the MacBook Pro could determine for itself whether it needs this extra ventilation.

No Touch Bar

Earlier in 2006 apple introduced the touch bar in which currently available for Macbook 13 and 15-inch versions. It is a touch-based OLED bar that replaces the row function keys on your keyboard. Depending on the mode of app you are using on the Mac, it operates according to that giving gestures like sliding and touch the pointed one.

It also with the touch bar the previous versions of mac can be operated as to dug deep to find out everything you can do with the touch bar in different built-in functions and third-party apps.

But coming to the recent mac versions of 2021 there is no presence of a touch bar and will be removed from the new Mac book versions replacing the physical function buttons. As the demand of it by the users after the usage of the touch bar, it intensified the removal of the touch bar to the upcoming versions of the Macbook.


Here you will get the details of the Apple Mac-book Pro 14-inch and 16-inch ram. The 2.0Ghz 13-inch Macbook pro with 16GB ram as standard is existing right over now. But the M1 Macbook offers 8 Gb RAM. Apple claims that the unified Memory Architecture (UMA) means that it’s not necessary to have as much RAM can be accessed quickly as it is all in the same location as the GPU and CPU, and can be attributed where it’s needed. This may mean that the new 14-inch Macbook Pro ships with 8GB RAM as standard.

Speakers and Microphone

The 16-inch MacBook Pro(Apple Mac-book Pro 14-inch and 16-inch) has improved speakers with deeper bass and a noise-cancelling microphone. Possibly we may see an improvement, although not on the same level. The improvements in the 16-inch may not be possible in the limited space of the smaller model: there are three speakers on each side of the 16-inch MacBook Pro. The smaller model may simply be unable to accommodate this, even if the screen is 14-inch the size of the Mac is unlikely to change significantly. As for the microphone, the 13in model probably doesn’t need the three-mic ‘studio’ array required by professional creative users.

Keyboard of Apple Mac-book

 This is the keyboard of the Apple Mac-book Pro 14-inch and 16-inch. After years of the butterfly keyboard’s increased failure rates and reported stickiness and repeating keys, Apple finally found a suitable replacement in the 2020 MacBook updates. The KeyBoard uses a new scissor-switch mechanism, which has 1mm of travel and appears to be more resilient than its predecessor.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro finally received this new keyboard in its early 2020 refresh, and Apple retained the mechanism for the late 2020 MacBook models. Apple will likely continue to use the Magic Keyboard in any future models. As with the other MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, the 14-inch model is expected to include a physical escape key. User frustration over a digital escape key, one without tactile feedback that could disappear during use, must have been heard loud and clear.

Each device with a Magic Keyboard has keys that are spaced slightly further apart for better ergonomics. There is a distinctive click to the keyboard, but it is not as loud as the 2016 butterfly mechanism.

A much-desired change to the arrow keys has also been applied to the Magic Keyboard. The inverted-T arrangement with half-spaced left and right arrow keys makes it much easier to find keys when touch typing. The up and down keys take up the space of a single key but are distinguishable by feel

Battery of Apple Mac-book 

The 16-inch MacBook Pro has a 100W battery (which is the biggest battery allowed in laptops before they would be banned from planes). This bigger battery means the 16-inch model now offers 11 hours of use.

The 13-inch MacBook models with Intel processors currently offer 10 hours of use. Apple Silicon may make it possible for Apple to achieve more battery life from the smaller models: The 2020 M1 MacBook Pro offers 20 hours battery life, so it looks promising.

Face ID and Webcam(Apple Mac-book Pro )

We’d love to see a better FaceTime camera on the MacBook. The MacBook Pro still offers a 720p camera. As a comparison, the Face Time camera on the iPhone 11 range offers 1080p HD video recording and a 12MP camera. Apple needs to up its game with this camera, something that has become very apparent in this age of video conferencing. Webcam of the Apple Mac-book Pro 14-inch and 16-inch.

The iPhone 11 camera is True Depth, so it also offers Face ID – something we’d like to see appear on the MacBook range. It looks like we might indeed get the True Depth camera is coming to the Mac.

Wi-Fi 6
Another thing that the M1 MacBook Pro offers 802.11ax WiFi 6 so it’s a good bet that the same technology will appear in the new model.

Wi-Fi 6 brings several vital things to enterprise and K–12 Wi-Fi networks and addresses some critical problems with Wi-Fi connectivity. One of the main ones is increasing the capacity for environments with a lot of devices. Setting up a basic Wi-Fi connection in your home is relatively easy. Unless you live in a multi-dwelling unit, it’s one thing you can’t screw up.

Designing Wi-Fi for an environment with potentially hundreds or even thousands of connections is entirely another process. You have to be concerned with co-channel interference, how devices roam, complex security issues, and other complicated issues.

One of the biggest challenges at the moment is designing for capacity. OFDMA is one of the newest pieces of technology in Wi-Fi 6. A 20 MHz channel can be partitioned into as many as nine smaller channels in Wi-Fi 6. Using OFDMA, an access point could simultaneously transmit small frames to nine Wi-Fi 6 enabled clients.

One thing to remember is that Wi-Fi 6 brings back 2.4 GHz support, while 802.11ac was only compatible with 5 GHz. I prefer the 5 GHz band (a minimum of 19 non-overlapping channels vs. 3 for 2.4 GHz); 2.4 GHz is still popular due to its low cost and battery life.

The launch date of the Macbook series

It is expected that the Macbook is launched by the mid of the third quarter for the eagerly waiting gadget lovers. Apple tossing away from introducing any new designs in the MACBOOK, MACBOOK PRO, AND MACBOOK AIR, for the first round of Apple Silicon computers. Multiple sources predict that to change when the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro updates drop. The best description based on rumours so far is something more akin to the current iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPhone 12 design. Hard right angles are expected to remain, but bulbous lids and bottoms are expected to flatten out to create a uniform depth.

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