Camera Quality Comparison : iPhone 11 camera and iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera

Apple’s new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro phones will get a wider angle lens and new computational photography smarts, and this might be the new and the most feature. It is time to get a wider camera for Apple’s iPhone 11. This new smartphone comes with an ultra-wide-angle camera in attachment to the regular one, Apple announced on Tuesday. Plus, the Higher-end iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max hold on to the telephoto lens of last year’s iPhone XS models but widen the lens’ slot for better low-light performance, providing more flexibility to photographers who want three cameras.

iPhone 11 camera packs a wide-angle photography punch

iPhone 11 Camera with wide angle.

The new lens gives you the option of tapping the zoom button, which will show a “0.5x” option together with the regular “1x” option for the main camera and a “2x” option for more telephoto cameras. cameras make your smartphone stand out from the last year’s model- and the large, square-shaped camera protrusion does make the iPhone distinctive. The new iPhones get a night mode for better low-light performance. Apple’s head of marketing, Phil Schiller mentioned that iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max will also get a photography software upgrade called Deep Fusion, letting the phone combine the best multiple shots into a single image with high sharpness and low noise. According to Schiller, this Deep Fusion will for the first time directly be used in shooting a photo.

Design of iPhone 11 Camera

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro have three cameras, each with the same 12-megapixel resolution. The main camera with a wide-angle has an f1.8 slot and a focal length of 26mm (in the terms of a 35mm-format film-era camera). The more telephoto lens is better at capturing light than last year’s f2.4 lens, having a 52mm focal length and an f2.0 aperture. Also, the new ultra-wide lens has a 13mm parallel focal length (that is a 120-degree view) and f2.4 aperture.

A feature called optical image stabilization, which compensates for shaky hands and smooth videos, is available only in wide and telephoto cameras. It is more beneficial for longer focal lengths, so you most likely will not miss it on the ultra-wide camera. Apple makes sure that the screens aren’t mismatched so that the colours and exposure match by aligning all three cameras. Apple can measure the in-depth information of the scene for better portrait mode photos with the use of dual cameras on the iPhone 11. And with that said, iPhone 11 Pro and Max can offer portrait mode on the wide-angle camera and not just the telephoto as with earlier iPhones, with these three cameras intact.

iPhone 11

Also, for balancing the light and dark regions of a scene, the iPhone 11 phones have a video feature called the extended dynamic range. iPhone cameras were once used to lead the market. But nowadays, competing phones such as Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel have surpassed Apple’s device. Apple in 2019 introduced new computational photography smarts with relatively larger image sensors to its iPhone XS, XR, and XS Max phones.

With the advent of modern technology, a range of waterproof phones has entered the market. To our surprise, iPhone 11 holds great in terms of waterproof testing. The camera works just fine and there is no water damage to the screen. It is resistant to water, dust, and splash. So we can safely say that the new iPhone 11 is completely waterproof letting you enjoy all the waterproof features such as underwater photography and videography.