Best Apple Watch 2021: Apple Watch Series 6 or Watch SE or Watch Series 3 ?

When we think about the smartwatch to buy, the Apple Watch Series, the most advance and smartest watch is the first choice of people. Apple has released 7 different watch models yet but only 3 Apple Watch models are selling by Apple these days – Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6. The latest Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple SE are the choices of the people. Still Apple Watch Series 3 is oldest one, is selling by Apple.

Best Apple Watch 2021: Apple Watch Series 6 VS Apple Watch SE VS Apple Watch Series 3

IF you ask Which one is the best Apple Watch? The answer will depend on the questions like what do you want in a smartwatch. Do you like a device for fitness tracking? Or An extension for iPhone? Or use watch in certain emergencies? Also are you ok with Bluetooth connectivity? Or need cellar connectivity? So Let’s here discuss which Apple Watch should you buy? and Why Should you buy ? Should you buy the latest Apple Watch Series 6, or should you go for the modest models the Series 3 or SE? Why should you choose Apple SE over Apple Series 3 and Apple Series 6 over Apple SE?

Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Series 6 is launched on September,2020 musing over the Situation of Covid-19 pandemic. The new Apple Watch Series 6 has the Blood Oxygen Sensor and ECG App that can read your blood oxygen level and gives reading from 70 to 100. Apple clearly mentioned it cannot use as medical instrument. Unlike other series, Apple Watch 6 Series has option to keep display on all the time. Also the watch is provided in varieties – Aluminum, Titanium and Stainless Steel finishing. Also new colors Blue and red is available in this category. The watch can be customized with case finish and band of your own choice.

Best Apple Watch : Apple Watch Series 6
Source : Apple Inc

Let’s have a look on main Features of the Apple Watch Series 6

 Main feature of Apple Watch Series 6

  • New features added to the watch like Blood Oxygen Sensor, its App and ECG App – Apple added Blood Oxygen Sensor on your wrist if you have the watch. Now you can have these test any day with your watch. Blood Oxygen level refers to the oxygen percentage that carried by your red blood cells from the lungs to other part of body. ECG is electrocardiogram test that shows rhythm of your heart beat and irregularities (if any). All the result will be show on the Apps. But Apple also said these reports are not so accurate and cannot be used for medical examinations. Still for being a health conscious person, you can choose the watch. There are multiple apps that can run to track your health and also Exercise like running, workout etc.
  • Only Apple Watch, Always-On Retina LTPO Display – Now you don’t need to wake up the watch to see the information, you can keep it always on.
  • Apple sells more variety of cases – Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Titanium and comes with two sizes – 40mm and 44mm case. Aluminum models have Ion-X glass display, but Titanium and Stainless Steel have Sapphire crystal glass. Aluminum case introduced with two new colors – Blue and Product Red.
  • Performance of the watch- With the Dual- Core S6 SiP embedded on U1 chip inside the Apple Watch making it 20% more faster than the other models, leading fast restart and can use app faster. It has 32GB Capacity. The latest WatchOS7 upgradation making this watch more useful to the users.
  • Connectivity – It has both GPS and cellular connectivity. It comes with 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 5.0 which is very fast. You can keep connected to your phone while phone is not with you. It will get calls, messages and also track to your destiny with the maps. You don’t need any other cellular plan for this. It can run with your phone plan only.
  • Last but not least, Fast Charging feature that takes only 90 minutes to charge it from 0% to 100%. Earlier users used to get irritated by charging for 2.5 hours, that decrease up to 90 minutes only.

Above are the main features, others you can find more when you have it on your wrist. The starting price of the watch is $399 (Aluminum). For the Watch Edition Series 6 and Hermes Series 6 range starts from $849 and 1299$ respectively. Since the Apple Watch Series 6 may find big budget for user as earlier series were the cheaper, Apple launched the Apple Watch SE upgraded version. Let’s see about the difference in the features of the Apple Watch SE.


Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE second generation model have all the same features of the Apple Watch Series 6 except S6 SiP, improved always-on display, along with blood oxygen measurement and ECG capabilities. The Apple Watch SE is one of Apple’s latest smart watches arrived with Series 6, offering the S5 chip, an optical heart rate sensor, an always-on altimeter, and fall detection, at a price of $279. Also it lacks the fast charging features.Best Apple Watch : Apple Watch SE

Let’s discuss its main features:

Main Features of Apple Watch SE

  • It comes up with all the features as series 6, but excluding Blood Oxygen Sensor, its App and ECG App. You can enjoy all other features as in Apple Watch Series 6.
  • Display and Case of the Apple Watch SE – t has LTPO Retina Display only, no Always-On Display. It has two cases variety – 40mm and 44mm but comes in Aluminum only. Aluminum models have Ion-X glass display only but Blue and Product Red color isn’t available. It also provides 50m Water resistance.
  • Performance of the Apple watch SE – With the Apple Watch SE aren’t making you huge speed sacrifices. The SE comes with the with Dual-core S5 Sip, which makes it two times faster than Series 3, a very noticeable increase in performance and have 32GB Capacity. It comes with latest WatchOS, making it more beneficial. Only the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE are most relevant for the WatchOS 7. But it lacks of U1 Chips.
  • Connectivity – It is available with cellular and GPS models. Likewise, Apple Watch Series6, you will able to connect with your phone even if phone is not near you. With the in-built accelerometer and gyroscope, you can detect if you’ve taken a hard fall and in case immobile, it can connect you with emergency services. But it comes with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Only, and Bluetooth 5.0.

The Apple Watch SE is a solid all-round Apple Watch is good option for those, wants affordable and similar function as the Apple Watch Series 6 compensating with few features. While you are interested with faster speed, additional health features, like SPO2 monitoring and ECG, an always-on display, fast charging or more superior finishes, should consider the Apple Watch Series 6. Apple offers $ 279 as starting price of the Apple Watch SE which is $120 lesser than the Apple Watch Series 6 and hence pocket friendly. Still, if this price is uneasy for you and can compensate with all the advanced health functions, the Apple Watch Series 3 may be more suitable as you can get many of the Apple Watch’s core features at just $199. Let’s have the look on the Apple Watch 3 and its features.

Apple Watch Series 3

Although it is the oldest model and has basic features among present models. Apple still selling it as it is usable for users and also affordable for mostly user. It is one of the best selling watch for the Apple Watch Series 3 due to its price i.e. $199. The Apple Watch Series 3 has smallest size, GPS based and have some great health apps. But it doesn’t come with cellular connectivity.

Best Apple Watch : Apple Watch Series 3
Source : Apple Inc

We should talk about the main features –

Main Features of Apple Watch Series 3

  • If you are fitness freak, you can track activity, flights climbed and outdoor workouts, including elevation gain. App like Heart App helps you to measure resting, workout, recovery, walking and breathe sessions.
  • Display and Case of Apple Watch Series 3 – It is available with Retina Ion-X glass display with two different case sizes, 38mm and 42mm. It is coming in two colors – Silver Aluminum Case and Space Grey Aluminum Case. It has water resistance as well.
  • Performance of the Apple Watch Series 3: With the S3 dual-core processor, Series 3 watches accelerate device performance up, it can upgrade up to WatchOS 7. But only few new features are usable as it lags. Apple is it with WatchOS 6, and it perform well on this.
  • Connectivity: With the Apple’s custom W2 chip, it supports 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2. It pair with phone by Bluetooth only. Phone should be nearby to attend calls, messages or use any other features of phone.

The Apple Watch 3 is only for those who are comfortable with Apple’s basic features and according to usability, this watch is good enough and worth to buy with $199. With features like barometric altimeter that can helps to measure the tracking activity, flights climbed and outdoor workouts and elevation gain. Even with updated Heart Rate app, helps to know more insight to heart rate, in addition of measurements during resting, workout, recovery, walking and Breathe sessions and an enhanced Workout app that can custom High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout and auto-sets for pool swims. So don’t Apple Watch Series 3 is not a bad option for those are not able to buy the higher series.

The most advanced Apple Watch Series 6 is for those cannot compensate with the premium features. It’s Luxury that no one wants to compensate due to any other reason except money. The Apple Watch SE is an option but cannot be substitute of Series 6 Watch.

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