Can’t Delete Apps from Apple Watch and How to fix this issue?

If you can’t delete apps from Apple watch and how to fix this issue? just go with the article then you will get solution. When you are not able to delete the app in your Apple watch so, the solution is here. There are many reasons why we do not delete the apps from the Apple Watch.

Can’t Delete Apps from the Apple Watch

Can’t Delete Apps from Apple Watch

For example, Screen time can be the reason you are not able to uninstall the apps from your Apple watch. We will discuss various reasons like that and address the solutions.

iOS Users Facing These Issues:

  • The button of the delete (X) does not appear.
  • The delete (X) button is not functional.
  • iPhone is not managing the Apple watch apps. 

It’s not easy to install the Apps from the Apple watch. You can have uninstalled the apps from your iPhone and directly from the watch. Make sure that you have learned every step for the future. You can re-install, built-in apps which you have removed.

Screen Time 

First thing, we should check the screen timing setting. This is for the see the no delete button option while the app jiggle.

If you had Screen time turn on in your iPhone so, the Reasons are motions below with solution. 

  • Firstly, you should on the iPhone and go to Setting > Screen Time.
  • Then You should tab on the Content & Privacy Restrictions
  • Now, click on the iTunes & App Store Purchases and if you Enabled the screen time password so, it will ask to enter the password.
  • While deleting Apps, it will show you “Don’t Allow” then click on the change it to “Allow”.

Now, try to remove the app. You can tip for the Troubleshooting when Screen Time Is not working properly.

Restart Device with This Procedure:

Now, restart your iPhone and watch it, then try again.

  • The iPhone 10, 11, 12: firstly, you have to hold the volume up button with the power off button. 
  • After some time, you will see the slider and you have to drag the slider to right.
  •  After that wait for 30 seconds for the power of your device.
  • Finally, restart your phone.

For the other iPhone models:

  • Firstly, press and hold the power button which placed inside your phone with a volume up button.
  • Within the seconds, you will the slider and then press and hold the side with the top button until the Apple logo appears.

For the Apple Watch

  • Firstly, hold the side button and within the second you will see the slider on the screen.
  • Then you have to drag the slider to the right.
  • Wait for the device to turn off and again press and hold the side button to turn off the device.
  • Your device will start.


Update your iPhone to the most recent version of iOS. You should make sure that your watch has the most recent version of watchOS. 

  • iPhone: You can check the update from the go-to Settings > General > Software Update. What’s more, if there is an update so, you can follow the on-screen guidelines to refresh your gadget. 
  • Watch: You can update your watch directly (Settings > General > Software Update) or you can use your iPhone as well (the Watch application > My Watch > General > Software Update). See this article in the event that you can’t turn on your watch.

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Conclusion: – I hope you get the answers to this “Can’t Delete Apps from the Apple Watch and How to fix this issue? “. If you are facing any problem uninstalling the apps from your Apple Watch so, get in touch in the comment section.