How to Control iPhone from PC

How to Control iPhone from PC – We are living in a digital and information age. If we look upon the technology which we are using, we will find their outstanding roles in our life. Almost every action of technology is at our fingertips. If we keep innovating at the same speed then the days are not too far when we will be multi-planetary species. If you are searching how to control your iPhone from PC then you are at the right place. 

How to Control iPhone from PC?

How to Control iPhone from PC

These all the innovations and advancements are only due to the regular works in the field of technology. So, if we are that advanced then how hard is it to control the iPhone from a PC? Let’s find out what is a necessary element for the controlling iPhone from a PC?

The first and most important thing which we need to control iPhone from computer is the tool that helps us to do so. Well, as we know that iOS is designed in a very hardcore way. 

It is not going to be a very easy process to control an iPhone from any computer. It will be something like a jailbreak. 

But as I said earlier we are technically very advanced and there are some tools already present to control your iPhone from your personal computer.

ISL Light will Help You to Control iPhone with Your PC

If you are a Windows or Linux user then it can be a little harder to control iPhone through computer but ISL light will be a great application to control it. It is one 

It will help you to get access to your mobile phone and control the work from a distance. It is designed for people who want to access their mobile phones or iPhone from a distance.

There are some important reasons to use ISL light. The first and most important benefit of using ISL is that you can control your iOS device and some of its features from a remote location. It can also manage huge data and configuration of the device. 

It will be a perfect option for you if you are having some troubleshoot issues with the iOS device. 

How to use ISL light in your personal computer:

  • Download and install it on your PC. It is available for all operating systems.
  • After the download is completed, install it in the system. Open it on your personal computer. 
  • In fact, you have to launch an ISL session on your PC and then you have to go into your iPhone to turn on the ISL light app. 
  • You will get a session code on your personal computer which you will need to share with your iPhone to connect it with your PC. 
  • You will get control of your iPhone just after the connection. Your controlling of the iPhone from your PC is initiated, you can use the features and watch the live screenshot of your iPhone.

Using this application I can control my iPhone from my computer. In my opinion, it is one of the best to control iPhone on PC

AirServer Will Also Help You to Control Your iPhone with a PC from Distant

This particular tool is made up for the MAC and it works best with it. This application will allow your MacBook to receive an AIRPLAY signal. This is so efficient that you will get the mirror screen of your iPhone on your MacBook. 

It doesn’t need any wire connection to control your iPhone from the Mac. You will get the mirror screen of the iPhone on your Mac and you have control over the resolution of the mirror screen on your MacBook. So if the signal is weak then you can reduce the resolution for the fast performance. 

So, how to use the Airserver with your MacBook and iPhone? 

  • First of all, download the Air Server on your Mac and install it. Follow the instructions and install it on your Mac after that connect your iPhone with the same wireless network which you are using for your Mac.
  • Open the control center from the iPhone and click on the Airplay mirroring option which is present in your apple phone. 
  • There will be a list of Airplay receivers, you have to select the one that you want to share your mirror skin. 
  • After connecting your iPhone with your Mac, start streaming the content which is airplay enabled. 
  • You will have to click on the mirroring switch which will show up your iPhone screen over the Mac screen. 
  • After connection, you have control over the size of the screen of the iPhone on your Mac screen. 

You Can Also Control Your iPhone from PC with An Extension

 A few years ago this extension was only available for android users but with time they developed it for iOS users also. It is called Chrome Remote Desktop which gives access to all kinds of devices and it provides features like chatting, transferring files, etc. 

  • The first thing you will have to do is to download Chrome Remote Desktop and install it on your PC. 
  • After installing just connect your iPhone with the same Wi-Fi network which you are using with your desktop. 
  • When the connection is completed, you will be able to control the iPhone with the personal computer. Isn’t it amazing?

Now as you know, how to control your iPhone from your computer so it is worth my hard work and research. I tried my fullest to provide you information which you need and if you got something useful that can help us in doing the same thing which I am trying to tell then feel free to share your idea and knowledge in the comment section.

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