Does Walgreens take apple pay?| Details about Walgreens

Does Walgreens take apple pay?| Details about Walgreens

Does Walgreens take apple pay? A Must Need To Implement Sooner For Achieving Greater Feasibility! So, how to utilize a Walgreens card with apple pay? A basic question in the mind of several people. In this article, we will be concentrating and answering this question.

Walgreens is a retail store that initially confirmed for the implementation or exercising the Walgreens loyalty card into Apple pay. So let’s take a deep dive into the procedure on how to use a Walgreens loyalty card with balance rewards into Apple pay on an iPhone.

Back in September, Apple put forward the idea of announcing iOS 9. They also mentioned the fact that the stores will be successfully amalgamating their loyalty cards inside an Apple pay and it will not be restricted to just the wallet. They decided that the first store to make this possible would be Walgreens.
It will turn to be a huge opportunity for iOS, which doctored up the Passbook app. Passbook app is referred to as the wallet nowadays. The features, process, and everything will remain the same as before, it will be completely identical. It is considered as just an attempt by Apple to transform this app and make it more similar to a wallet, unlike a passbook.

Walgreens accept apple pay

Moreover, Apple pay will constitute store-branded or identified credit cards. You can say that this feature is among the new characteristics in Apple pay. Apple’s mission is to create things easier for iPhone users. So, they came out with this idea where the stories or shops will be receiving their respective store credit cards. These store credit cards will be accepting payment through apple pay. Thus, allowing iPhone users to pay through, apple pays in the stores easily at checkout to pay for their purchased products.

Walgreens has turned out to be the first store to successfully achieve this feature of integrating their store Based Credit cards or loyalty cards into Apple pay. Kohl’s, another store has also written its name under the usage and support of this feature.

The following passage describes more concisely. How to make perfect usage of your Walgreens balance rewards card with apple pay? Here’s how to learn about this new feature.

Working principle of the feature

People must be using their Walgreens balance reward card inside the wallet app before the launch of this brand new characteristic. Just merely pull it until a barcode is revealed. This is done to scan this barcode with a scan gun in order to receive the payment from a cashier.

apple pay
Furthermore, within the wallet app, the users can simply pull up their own balance rewards card and scan the some by themselves for easy payment. The process is more similar to the usage of Apple pay previously to pay for the items that they picked up. The only difference this time is that now the users at the terminal are directly scanning their loyalty cards.
After the completion of the scan, the users can simply make the payment through their debit or credit card by the utilization of Apple pay. If you are not that familiar with this way then you can stick to the earlier model of paying for something where you had to pull up your Walgreens card. Then, let the cashier scan the barcode by their can gun. But people who used the new feature said that their work has been more simplified, a bit easier, and takes less time for finishing.

Steps to be followed to learn how to make use of your Walgreens card with the help of Apple pay

You are ready and good to start if you have your Walgreens balance rewards card inside your wallet app. At the terminal, you are requested to simply go and utilize it by making use of Apple pay. But unfortunately, if you do not own the card in your wallet app then here is how you can learn to add it.

For installation of your Walgreens balance rewards card into Apple’s wallet to integrate it with apple pay, you just have to follow these steps given below.

Step-1 Firstly, from the apple store, you need to download the Walgreens app from there.
Step-2 After the completion of the downloading status of the app, open Walgreens our log into your Walgreens account first.
Of course, it is compulsory to have a balance rewards card in order to attain this feature. But you don’t have any balance rewards card, don’t panic, simply move ahead by signing up for a Walgreens account to receive one for its usage.
Step-3 After you successfully made a sign-up or just logged in then press on the Balance Rewards which is placed on the home screen of the Walgreens app.
Step-4 Your card details will be visible on the screen. Even the bar code of your card will be displayed there. Take your steps further by tapping on add to Apple Wallet.
Step-5 If you are willing the card to pop up automatically whenever you are nearby a Walgreens location then you may continue. But if you dislike this option then simply tap on add without store. Based on your preference you can make a choice.
Step-6 A clear preview of your Balance Rewards card will be displayed on your screen which describes the looks or appearance of your going-to-bed card. Move ahead and then quickly tap on the ‘next button which is positioned in the top right corner of your screen.
Step-7 Next, you will come across a step where you have to make a decision whether you want your Walgreens card to be preferred automatically at the time of making a payment at Walgreens or not. The users can select either Automatically Select or Do Not Automatically Select between the two choices given on your screen.

After the completion of the above-narrated steps, your Walgreens card will transform into your wallet app now. When you are supposed to pull it up the wallet app will ask a favour to put your iPhone near to the card reader or a scan gun at the counter. You just have to hold it up, for a little while there and at the same time interval, scan your fingerprint.

If the users are more comfortable or accustomed to the obsolete model then they have to tap on show code. This will generate or indicate your Walgreens card’s barcode. Then, just show the same to the cashier in order to scan it and complete your payment request. So, members using Walgreens balance rewards cards are made accessible to pay seamlessly through the utilization of their account in Apple pay. They perfectly get rid of the old-fashioned way where they have to separately scan a balance rewards card or a barcode before. Even the members are powered with the ability to multiply their earnings and redeem the loyalty points through Apple pay. This process can be achieved by the addition of balance rewards cards into the wallet app. They may also use iOS 9 for carrying out this process at the checkout.

The users or members of Walgreens can now, grab their iPhones near to a cash reader. This step may be carried out in a contactless manner due to the presence of Covid-19. By placing a finger on the Touch ID they can finally pay for their purchased items. The respective information and details regarding rewards will be sent to the receiver. People can also make good use of the Apple watch to achieve the above described by simply double-clicking on the side button of the Apple watch. Choose their balance rewards card. Then hold the Apple watch nearer to the face of the reader.

Currently, there are more than 85 million highly active members of balance rewards. They may join Apple pay or link their previously made account. This feature has increased convenience and turns out to be more advantageous to both Walgreens and Apple pay users. People around the preferred Walgreens region or location can use this amazing feature to clear their balance quickly without facing Complex difficulties. This was everything about the usage of Walgreens card with the help of the Apple pay for iPhone users to make mobile payment to the next level!

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