Dropped iPhone in Water – Here’s What to Do Now?

Have you dropped iPhone in water? Now, wondering how to deal with this issue. 

It happens to the best of us, sadly. We would see people with the same problem every day, ranging from saltwater to toilet water, while I worked in an Apple Store. It’s never healthy, but it may not be too late to protect your iPhone from water damage.

The first step is to take out your iPhone and turn it off. After that, leave it turned off!

Your iPhone dropped in water and you are thinking what to do? How to resolve this issue? In this article, I will be discussing some simple steps that will help you to solve your issue.

This is the hardest thing I’m going to ask you about. If your iPhone still works, resist the impulse to search and keep it turned off. The second you press one of those buttons, you’re likely to do more harm, so don’t do it.

Dropped iPhone in Water – Here’s What to Do Now?

Dropped iPhone in Water

Let’s get into what you can do next, with that out of the way.

What to do if the iPhone fell in water or you dropped iPhone in toilet?

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Follow some simple steps which are mentioned below: 

  • Turn it off Immediately

People ask what to do if the iPhone dropped in water or dropped my iPhone 11 in water? We have said this before, but it’s worth repeating. As soon as you get it out of the water, turn your iPhone off. With the Volume Up button, press and hold the Side button and then slide to turn off.do not turn it back on, once it’s turned off.

  • Take Your iPhone Out of the Case

If there’s a case with your iPhone, water may have gotten stuck when you dropped it. Remove the case and all other accessories, including your screen protector, from your iPhone.

Clean off your bare iPhone with a lint-free cloth by rubbing it. Without leaving it covered in material fibers, you want to absorb the liquid on the outside of your system. A t-shirt usually does the trick, if you don’t have a lint-free cloth to hand.

  • Ease Liquid out of the Ports

Don’t stick the lightning or headphone ports with something. In order to allow the liquid to drip out, turn your iPhone so the port faces down and gently tap it. Do this as well for the speakers. When you are done, your iPhone should feel absolutely dry on the outside.

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  • Remove Your SIM card

Your iPhone may seem dry, but it probably still has liquid inside it. To eject the SIM tray on the side of your computer, use a SIM tool, a straightened paper clip, or a pin.

Remove the SIM card and dry it off carefully. Hold it somewhere secure now. To build a vent that allows the liquid inside to evaporate, leave the SIM tray outside of your iPhone.

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  • Wait for Your iPhone to Dry

Find a flat, open space to leave your iPhone, don’t stick it in a bag of rice, and also wait 24-48 hours for your iPhone to dry. 

Always remember it should be well ventilated and dry for instance bookshelf.

One more thing, never keep your iPhone, iPad, iPod in direct contact with sunlight, instead, choose a place that’s covered by shade.

You can try to speed up the process if you like by putting packs of silica gel around your iPhone or placing it under a cool fan. Don’t use a radiator or a hairdryer.

Without using your iPhone, wait for as long as possible. During this time, do not turn your iPhone on. You may cause irreparable damage if you use your system while the components are still wet.

Turn on your iPhone only when you are pretty sure that your iPhone is completely dry. Otherwise, let it keep like that only.

Well, these were the simple steps that you should follow if the iPhone fell in the pool, iPhone well in water.

Some people ask the question: what to do if I dropped my iPhone in water or dropped iPhone in water what to do? So follow the above-mentioned steps to solve your issue.

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How to Check When My iPhone is Dry?

This is the issue of the million-dollar. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to know if the liquid inside has evaporated or not without prying your iPhone open. All you can do is wait as long as possible to start using it again, then take a leap of faith.

The first thing you can do if it flips on is making a backup. You never know if an iPhone destroyed by water would stop working two weeks down the road. You should look at having a patch or a replacement for added assurance.

How to Fix a Water Damaged iPhone?

Drying your iPhone and hoping for the best is not the only course of action after dropping it in water that you should take. You may even look into having a patch or, in the case of Apple, a new unit.

But first of all, if you dropped your iPhone in the toilet, please clean it and let someone know before handing it over to them!

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Directly Take it to Apple Care

Apple cannot restore iPhones destroyed by water. This is because without replacing every single part, they cannot guarantee they have repaired it. So they instead offer a replacement device.

The warranty of iPhones does not cover water damage, even for water-resistant iPhones. 

So, you need to pay for an “out of warranty’’ repair system because you have AppleCare+.

This is normally very pricey, but off the shelf, it doesn’t cost as much as a new iPhone.

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Well, if you dropped an iPhone in water all you have to do is follow the above-mentioned steps for further damage. This can happen to any of us. Don’t panic and see what all you can do. I hope this article can help you to solve your issues.