How to Format SD Card on Mac in 2021 [EASY WAY]

SD cards are good in expanding the storage but sometimes we face problems with them. If you are using it for a longer duration then it may cause some problems. 

Sometimes you need to reformat the SD card to setting out of the problems. Formatting will erase all your data stored in the SD card. So it is recommended to back up your data before formatting it. 

How to Format SD Card on Mac

Format SD Card on Mac

SD card formatting will give a fresh start to your card by clearing old files. It also helps you to remove corrupted files that can’t be deleted sometimes. After formatting you can enjoy a fresh start and formatting an SD card is very easy. 

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Follow Below Steps to Format SD Card on MAC

  • First of all, you have to connect your SD card to your Mac by an external card reader. 
  • If you have a micro SD card then insert the card into the card reader and connect the card reader with the Mac.
  • If you have Mac OS 10.6.5 then it doesn’t support the exFAT format. If you have a 64 GB SD card that mostly comes with exFat then you will need to upgrade your device OS to 10.6.6.

Use Below Steps to Format SD Cards with FAT-32 Format

  • You can find a magnifying glass icon on the top-left corner of your Mac when you open the disk utility.
  • You will find the SD card on the left side of the Mac. You can see there a no-name or untitled. Here, you can click on the erase tab. 
  • Now tap over the format menu. 
  • You may choose MS-DOS (FAT) if you have a 32 GB SD card. 
  • If you have a 64 GB SD Card then choose exFAT.
  • You will get the notification where they will ask about your consent.
  • Click on Erase to format your SD card in Mac. 

After formatting, you can get an afresh SD card free from corrupted files. You will able to stop some serious problems by erasing your data that can be threatening to your computer data. 

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