How to Get Infinity Sign on iPhone – Complete Guide

This iPhone keyboard provides you with many features or symbols. The infinity logo is missing from the keyboard. It is not like that; you can’t use the infinity symbol in your iPhone. You can use the infinity symbol by adding it to your keyboard.

How to Get Infinity Sign on iPhone?

how to get infinity sign on iphone

After reading this article you will understand the how-to infinity sign iPhone. For the use of that, you have to get the Infinity symbol on the Internet. after that you can add it to your iPhone keyboard to be able to use it. We mention the steps on how to make that. For a better explanation, we make two different sections.

Copy the Infinity Symbol

You can able to make the iPhone infinity symbol with the following steps.


  • Launch browser: – open the Safari or your presented browser in the iPhone.
  • Search the Infinity symbol: – Now enter the in the search box URL field. The field of URL is located at the top of your browser. This will open redirect you to the google homepage. After that Enter “Infinity Symbol” on the search field. You can see the infinity symbol at the top result.
  • Copy the Infinity Symbol: you have to tap and hold on to the symbol. You will see the “Copy” option beside the symbol. It will capture the infinity symbol and tap on it for the copy. Then symbol will have copied to the clipboard of your iPhone. 

Add the Infinity Symbol to your iPhone


  • Launch the setting: you have to tab on the “setting”. This is an inbuilt service in your device and gear the logo as it’s an icon. You should follow the steps to the iPhone infinity symbol.
  • Now Tap the General: In the setting, you can see many setting options on your phone. Find the General setting and click on it. It will also gear the icon.
  • Tap on the Keyboard: you will see several options in the general section. You have to scroll down and find the “keyboard” section. Then tab on it, (when you will enter the keyboard section, you have to make sure that, you should have enabled your “Auto-Correction” and “check Spelling” or shortcut). You should enable these are options by clicking on them one by one. This will show in the blue color when you enabled it). 
  • Add the new Shortcuts: –  You have to click on the keyboard for the advanced setting. After that, the infinity symbol iPhone will ready.  Find the “Add New Shortcuts” then tab on it to open the setting.
  • Create the Shortcut for the Infinity: You have to Tab it to paste the symbol there. Write “Infinity” in the Shortcut form in the field. Tab on the “save” option. It will automatically put it Infinity symbol in the text “Infinity” in your iPhone. It’s located on the right of your screen. The next time, you will type “infinity” on your iPhone. This is automatically put on the infinity symbol in the text. (You can put it for the keyword “Shortcut” field. We will have kept “Infinity” as a keyword for the Symbol.)

 Now, you will understand the infinity symbol iPhone. I hope you will make easily iPhone infinity symbols through the following these are steps.

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These are the simplest method for the add a shortcut without installation of the external keyboard on your iPhone. You can try these are methods to create the sort-cuts for any of the symbols. I hope will understand how infinity sign on the iPhone. You have given a unique name to every sort-cut. If you have any questions regarding these are methods so, you can write in the comment section.

I hope you will understand the methods of infinity sign iPhone. if you have any questions regarding the infinity sign iPhone so, you can write in the comment section.