How Many GB Do I Need on My iPhone? – Choose Ideal iPhone Storage Capacity

If you are planning to buy iPhone 11 but confuse about the variant then you might have one question in mind like “How Many GB Do I Need on My iPhone” then this article is perfect for you. In this particular article, we will discuss the storage and requirements according to the users.

How Many GB Do I Need on My iPhone?

How Many GB Do I Need on My iPhone
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You will definitely need to be cleared about your requirements as well as you should know about the storage which you may buy if your iPhone storage got full, you can check your iPhone storage. Many questions are wandering in your mind, for instance, is 64GB enough for an iPhone 11? Or how much GB do I need for iPhone?.

Let’s find out what would be better for you and what should you do when your iPhone storage gets full:

Let’s find out the price of each iPhone 11 variant:

  1. 64 GB- $599
  2. 128 GB- $649
  3. 256 GB- $749

iPhone Storage Capacity – In-Depth Guide

If you look at the prices of the different storage variants of the Apple iPhone 11 then we can find that the price has been really dropped. If we look upon the overall features and storages then there is a huge difference in the price at the launching time and the price now. 

Two important factors to be considered about the storage of iPhone

How much storage does the iPhone 11 have? Well, it has many storage variants.  Large storage is never going to hurt you but buying a large storage apple device will you cost you large. If we look upon the two scenarios that can lead us to decide the storage then it would be a great assumption. 

If you are a person who constantly downloads movies and store videos, images, and songs offline then, it will be best for you to go for the high storage iPhone but on the other hand, if you are a person who loves streaming online, listening online songs and keep your gallery synced then you may go with the low storage Apple iPhone 11. But you should remember that you will constantly need to sync your device and keep it as minimum as possible apps. 

What are the benefits of buying the iPhone 11 64GB variant? 

If you are thinking do I need a 64 GB iPhone? Most people would love to have iPhone 11 64GB variant because it will help them to keep almost 100 apps and some videos and images. Other things that the iPhone offer is the HEIF and HEVC format that is known for taking less space if you are thinking how many pictures can 64 GB iPhone hold then it is more than an android. As iOS is upgrading, it is automatically freeing up space by space-saving features. 

You can go for the iPhone 11 64 GB variant if you can save up to 10 GB of storage even after storing your data and documents. But if you are down to 10 GB free space just after the day you bought the phone then you will seriously need to go for more space. 

What are the benefits of buying the iPhone 11 128GB variant? 

If you are thinking to use your iPhone for more than 2 or 3 years then you should go for the 128 GB variant. With the passing of time, you will end up storing more data and files which will take more storage. It will be good for you to have some extra space available for your updated apps and games.

The best thing about buying a 128 GB variant is that you are getting 64GB extra storage for $50 only. If you are already looking to buy iPhone 11 64 GB then you should go for the iPhone 11 128 GB. You will love your decision with time. 

What are the benefits of buying the iPhone 11 256 GB variant?

Before buying the 256 GB variant ask yourself how many GB do I need on my iPhone? This variant will fit with the people who keep their data and library offline. Many people like to open and watch or open and listen which is why this 256 GB storage is needed for them. If you belong to the same categories of people who love to keep a lot of data offline then this is the phone you may go for. 

We already know it is much costlier than the 64 GB variant but if you have that much storage then you will not need to think about going online for every movie and song.

How to keep your iPhone 11 spacious? 

The first and most basic way to keep space in your iPhone is not installing unnecessary applications and not downloading too many movies. If and only if you have downloaded too much data and you have all of them unorganized then you should try to organize them so that you may delete unwanted media and applications. iPhone storage capacity plays an important role but your decision to get rid of the unnecessary file is also important. 

If you are finding some apps which you use very rarely then it will be good to delete those applications as well as if you have movies that you have already watched then you should get rid of them. What value do these movies and online videos have that you keep offline? Well, in my opinion keeping personal files is another thing and keeping internet junk is another. 

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You should always keep your phone clean from caches and unnecessary apps. If you can use some of the applications online without downloading them then why not, it will save some space after all.