How to Uninstall Avast on Mac?( Macbook)

How to Uninstall Avast on Mac

How to uninstall avast on mac, we will share with your the whole process. If you are glimpsing for abolishing or uninstall the activity of the Avast from your Mac, then you’re welcomed to this knowledgeable platform! Here we will detect the method for how to uninstall avast on Mac.

Merely positioning the app in the trashcan of your Mac may allow it to save or install some of your essential credentials which were asked at the time of its complete setup procedure.

For smooth and uninterrupted driving of the app, so that it can run peacefully in the background without actual operation, the above files were made to be installed but they aren’t malevolent. It is only done to ensure its proper functioning and avoid any hindrance.

This characteristic is undoubtedly a boon but simultaneously is a bane because it makes it extremely difficult to uninstall the avast on Mac. Uninstallation of avast may seem to be a lengthy and perplexing process because it isn’t directly moving it to the trashcan and deleting its internal documents.

Mentioned below is the best and simplest technique that will guide you thoroughly on how to uninstall avast on your Mac.

Get rid of needless worries by simply following these few rules for uninstalling avast on Mac, it’s a cakewalk. So, let’s commence.

Reasons for uninstalling Avast from your mac?

As we know that Avast is a useful antivirus app that is available in Mac OS whose widespread purpose is to protect the device against vicious assaults by scanning from viruses and different malware constituents.

It also supports VPN connectivity and helps in hiding the location of the users. It amplifies the battery validity of the gadgets in which it is in-built. Despite its advantages, some users claim that the antivirus app is indulged in sharing personal documents and information all over the internet by tracing the activities of the users.

According to some users lately, they have documented that avast contains a steady or slow-scanning system that makes the device or Mac run at a slower rate. For solving this problem, the users can go with other preferences such as plethora.

With the help of a built-in uninstaller, know how to uninstall the avast from your Mac

One can uninstall avast from their mac manually by the usage of a built-in uninstaller which can effectively delete avast from mac without leaving any leftover files. Hence, providing complete security to the users.

It is better to use the built-in uninstaller available in Avast itself rather than straightforwardly deleting the application. This method is preferable because after the implication of this method you don’t have to pay attention to residue files.

Let’s quickly look upon the following steps for uninstalling avast securely from mac and MacBook pro.

Step-1and 2 Click on the Finder icon and discover the avast app

how to uninstall avast on mac

This step can be achieved by clicking on the ‘finder’ icon then moving to the ‘applications’ folder, dragging to the avast app, and opening it.

Double click on the icon and then in the search bar, type the app’s name.

This will lead to the opening of ‘Avast security’ in the middle of the mac’s screen.

how to uninstall avast on mac

Step-3 Click on ‘Avast security’ placed on the upper left corner of the Mac screen, this will display a drop-down menu. Simply select  ‘uninstall avast app’

Directly click on the avast security which is positioned in the left corner of the mac screen with reference to the picture depicted. After this, a drop-down menu will be displayed on the screen from that click onto uninstall the avast app.

Step-4 For confirmation of uninstalling the avast app, the mac screen will show a pop-up window asking for permission to uninstall the same. Just click on the uninstall button for further completion.

how to uninstall avast on mac

A pop-up window will open in the middle of the screen and that will ask for final concerning installing avast from mac, a blue-colored button depicting uninstall button will be placed, simply click onto this uninstall button.

Step-5 and 6 Next, you will be allowed to enter your password which you set before, after entering your password simply click on the ‘okay’ button.



how to uninstall avast on mac

Enter your password that you have previously then click on the blue-coloured OK button.

In this step, all the residue files will get vanish and there will be no chance of data leakage or sharing.

After fulfilment of this step, you will be shown a pop-up stating “thank you for using avast”, after just click on the ‘quit’ button.

Enter your password that you have previously then click on the blue-colored OK button. In this step, all the residue files will get vanish and there will be no chance of data leakage or sharing. After fulfillment of this step, you will be shown a pop-up stating “thank you for using avast”, after just click on the ‘quit’ button.

It takes hardly a few seconds to uninstall avast from your Mac.

How to uninstall avast security from Macbook?

Follow the provided below, easiest guidelines clearly to avail the procedure required for uninstalling avast security from mac.

Step -1  From your Mac, open the avast security

Click on the icon showing ‘avast security’, then opt for ‘open avast security’

Mac setting

Move to ‘go’ provided in the menu bar, click on ‘applications’, then select the avast icon

Mac setting


Mac Setting
Step-2 Select avast showcasing on the left-hand side of the menu bar and then single click on ‘avast security’

As shown in the picture click on avast security by dragging the cursor to the left corner of the screen by selecting avast.

Step-3 Simply single click to uninstall button

A pop-up window will be displayed stating confirmation to finally uninstall the avast security, without hesitation click on the blue-colored imprinted uninstall button.

Avast uninstall process

Step-4 Provide your previously set user name and password or you can also make use of your touch ID, then simply click on ‘OK’

Enter details regarding your username and password which you have set before at the time of installation or the users are directly allowed to use their respective touch ID for the completion of this step.

Mac setting
Step-5 Click on the ‘Quit’ button as shown

The last and final step to achieve your desired results. Click on the quit button which will be shown in the pop-up box in blue color.

uninstall completely

The above steps will fetch you by uninstalling avast security from your mac successfully.


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