Apple’s iCloud Password Chrome Extension Available for Windows Users

Apple offering iTunes and iCloud Sync clients for files, photos, and mail for Microsoft’s operating systems for a very long time now. Now, Apple extending its area in the Windows space as well as the iCloud Password Chrome Extension for users who are using chrome on windows 10 PC.

Apple didn’t announce it as big news, and publish an iCloud password extension for chrome in the Google Chrome Web Store on a Sunday evening:

“iCloud Passwords allows you to use the same strong Safari passwords you create on your Apple device, with Chrome on Windows.” Source – Chrome Web Store

iCloud Password Chrome Extension

iCloud Password Chrome Extension

Once you updating the iCloud for Windows to the latest version of 12.0, where you’ll see the new Password section in the services list. You need to tap on Apply to proceed to start a dialog box to download the tool in chrome.

It comes with the feature like, you can access the passwords that you’ve set, had automatically put and saved in the safari for iOS and macOS while using the chrome browser.

How does this iCloud Password Chrome Extension work on the Chrome browser?

This extension works by syncing in the bi-directional with the new credential’s user store in the chrome browser saved in the iCloud Keychain so that it can easily accessible on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices.

This extension, pop-up for Choose a saved password to use when signing in. You can take the iCloud Passwords Chrome Tool as a support for iCloud Bookmarks.

Our Thoughts:

We love Apple’s Services & Products and apple always provide best in class products whether it is physical product or software. So, we test this iCloud Chrome Extension for Passwords and we love it, how it syncs with chrome browser and windows PC. So, we highly recommend everyone to use it like you do LastPass because it works as LastPass Alternatives for Mac.

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News Source: 9to5Mac

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