Best iOS Emulator for Android – Top 10 List

It is not possible for everyone to have an iPhone. Also, some of the applications are only for iOS platforms. In order to use those applications on your android device, you can use the iOS emulator for android. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best iOS emulators for Android phones. 

The majority of the Android iPhone emulators listed in this list are not available on the Google Play Store. But you can download that from other sources. Once you download them, you will see the search option and you can search the required game/ application that you want to run. 

Best iOS Emulator for Android

iOS Emulator for Android

What you have to do is click on the download button, it will start downloading. After completing the download. Without any worries, you will be able to run iOS applications on your android phones.

What is iOS Emulator for Android?

Android iOS Emulator lets you easily run certain apps on your android devices that are only available for iOS devices. On Android, most of the iOS apps will run this appetize, iOS emulator.

Even if some apps are not sponsored. Without any root access, it helps you to run these applications. Also, they’re absolutely free. You don’t need an emulator if you want an iOS emoji on Android. You can run iOS apps on android.

Read this article till the end to know more about iOS emulators for android studio windows.

This iPhone Emulator for android can help in many ways. Due to the large variety of applications, you can enjoy and download any of them without any trouble.

Best iOS Emulator for Android Reddit [List]

Ok, if these emulators are what you’re searching for, then you’re in the right location. Today, I’m back on Android with the 5 best Android iOS emulators to run iOS games. Yeah, you heard it right on your Android device and you can run any iPhone app. 

Let’s Start


This iOS emulator is the best. Through this emulator, you can run iOS apps easily and also for free.

With the help of cider, you can easily install apple apps and games. As many apps and games, you can run as per your wish. 

It does not have any restrictions. The Cider User Interface is straightforward and simple. And software developers use Cider to test Android devices for their iOS apps. You can install almost all of the iOS apps on your Android phone via Cider.

  • IEMU

IEMU is the second app on our Android Five Best iOS Emulator list. Also classified as Padiod, iEMU is The ability to run almost every iOS program completely free on your Android smartphone. It operates on both Rooted and Non-Rooted smartphones well.

The iEMU user interface is very straightforward. It takes a lot of reading from your smartphone’s access memory. Often, you will need to clear the running application in the background to run it. So, if your phone has less than 1 GB of RAM, then your smartphone maybe a little bit laggy with iEMU.


Another fantastic iOS Emulator on our list is IOSEmus. For all smartphones, iOSEmus works just perfectly. Any application/game can be searched for. Just click the download button, and in a couple of seconds, it will start.

All apps are classified under iOSEmus. This makes it very straightforward and easy. You also have themes that are customizable. Upon your decision, you can set any theme. The applications can also be run flawlessly, which includes a jailbreak.

IOSEmus’ User Interface makes it so simple that the program can be easily managed by even a kid. Paying games can also be downloaded for free. Or you can use the Lucky patcher, or you can download paid apps/games free of charge from the alternative Freedom apk. More stars are added to the app by this feature. Downloading iOSEmus is fully free. It has no in-app purchases at all.

  • All in one iOS Emulator

Last, but not least, the iOS application for Android is the All in One iOS emulator. It was created by an XDA Developers member. Through the All in One iOS Simulator, you can also get the iOS 6 experience. Siri is the strongest functionality that the All in One iOS Emulator provides. Yeah, you read it correctly.

With the simulator, you get Siri incorporated. It’s the same Siri you pick up on an expensive iPhone. For running iOS applications/games on Android, this emulator can be used. You can also use it to download paid applications for free.


If you’re looking for an amazing iOS simulator for Android based on the internet, then your choice is Your desired iOS apps can be used for free on Android. For the whole process, you don’t need to root your Android phone.

For Windows and Mac PCs, appetize is also available. You can run it on any OS using your web browser since it is a cloud-based emulator. can also be viewed as an excellent alternative to this emulator. I haven’t discussed that separately, since the functionality of both is very similar.


Well, this was all the information on the iOS emulator for android. You can run any iOS program on your Android phone with the assistance of these emulators. All of the applications can be tried and the best picked according to your needs. The most popular are Cidra and iEMU, but there are some additional features provided by All in One iOS Emulator and iOSEmus.