iPad Not Charging – iPad Says When It Is Plugged In

Are you having trouble loading your iPad? You have your iPad Plugged in and it says “iPad Not Charging”. This can be very stressful. But, don’t worry, it’s probably something you can patch and troubleshoot. Some fixes you can try are mentioned in this post.

Many apple users face this problem. Why does my iPad say not charging when it is Plugged in? What is the problem? Why is it showing like this? In this article, I will be discussing this topic. Read till the end to get full information.

iPad Not Charging – iPad Says When It Is Plugged In

iPad Not Charging

iPad not charging when plugged in. when you attach your iPad to a device, the “Not Charging” message usually shows up. If you plug your iPad into an iPad charger you still see the post, one of the two things below means this:

  • iPad is Not Charging
  • Your iPad is Charging but Very Slowly

Sometimes you see a message like an iPad not charging message. This can happen because of the above-mentioned points.

There may be several causes. It is like that your iPad does not get enough power from the charger. This can be an issue with the hardware. For example, the charging port on the bottom of your device can contain any dirt or debris that prevents your device from making proper contact with the cable. Or there could be harmful to your cable. This can be a concern with apps as well. Perhaps a bug is causing this in the iOS app. The updates below discuss both the issue with hardware and software.

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Let’s discuss some of the steps for the iPad not charging when plugged in. There could be many reasons. But you can fix this in simple steps.

  • Change Your Power Source

It is one of the reasons that your iPhone is not the problem but the power source. This could be the reason for the iPad plugged in but says not charging. Try to use another power socket and also try to plug it into your computer to see if that makes any difference. Try to plug it into another USB port, if you were already charging from your computer. 

  • Use the Different Charging Cable

Many apple users wanted to know why my iPad is not charging. Try to use a new cable. You can borrow someone’s cable to check and if it’s working then unfortunately you will have to buy a new one.

  • Charging Port

Since the charging port is twisted or obstructed, it is likely that your iPad cannot be charged. Try the port washing. You may want to get a toothbrush to use. Try to (strongly) blow air into the charging port of your computer. This will minimize debris. Plug your charging cable in and plug it out a few times. Any debris from the charging port can also be removed.

  • Restart Your Device

Simply restart your iPad before you see the red slider, by pressing and holding the side button. Alternatively, you can go to Configuration > General > Shut Down (if your device is running iOS 11 and later).

  • Update Your iOS

Simply refresh your iPhone. Easily and wirelessly, you may do so. Simply go to Settings > General > Upgrading Apps.

  • Force Restart Your iPad

To do this, for a few seconds, press and hold the home and sleep/wake buttons together until you see the Apple logo.

If your iPad plugged in but says not charging or iPad charging error when plugged in you can try these simple steps. Follow the step by step procedure to resume your charging.

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And still, you have a question why is my iPad not charging or why does my iPad says not charging then I will recommend you to contact Apple.

As said, I will be discussing this iPad charging issue. Follow the above-mentioned points to solve your issue.

If you are facing this issue just follow my steps and you are all set. I hope this article will help you to charge your iPad.