iPhone 13 or iPhone12, introduces in 2021

2021 introduces iPhone 13 or iPhone12S

This year 2021 introduces iPhone 13 or iPhone12 is on the track with a minor upgrade over the iPhone 12. Still far away from the introduction of the new release, arising rumours of the upgrade from iPhone 12 to drag up to iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 or iPhone12

Let’s check out the stuff modified…

iPhone’s next series untitled?

 It’s unclear that the up-gradation of the iPhone will be named as iPhone 12S/ iPhone 13. With addressing minor changes, a report stated that Apple internally referring that this year as an ‘S’ year upgrade.

It doesn’t mean that the very next version is the iPhone 12S which is the recent marketing version of this year. It still in dilemma that what to call which follows the earlier staples taken from its past launches.

Features and specs of iPhone 

When comes to its design, the 2021 iPhone stepping up with mostly nearer to its existing iPhone 12 series. Based on a recent report, it was stated that iPhone 13 will be slightly thicker than the iPhone 12. The height and width of this series reportedly remain unchanged, whereas thickness increased by 0.26mm Apple is quite restricted in its form factor this year as the iPhone 12 mini experienced weaker than expected demand than Apple expected. Therefore, all four models of iPhone 13 will feature the same as in all formats of its styles of iPhone 12 predecessors.

We can expect four devices concerning different screen sizes.

  1. With a 5.4 inch OLED displays
  2. With a 6.1 inch OLED displays
  3. With a 6.7 inch OLED displays

Screen of iPhone 13 or iPhone12

The screen sizes probably unchanged and apple is striving up with an upgrade to the iPhone 13 with 120hz promotion display technologies.

A recent report by Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo declared that iPhone 13 is probably going to accumulate an LTPO technology to lower the display’s power consumption. This results, the apple giving battery headroom to alter its usability this year.

Apple in the first stance attained LTPO or Low-temperature polysilicon and oxide display technology within the apple watch series 4 thus it is smart to increase the power-saving features to the iPhone lineup this year.

Coming to the notch, evidently, there is an expectance that the notch and Face Id cutout will get smaller, however, so far, there hasn’t been any major switch to the look.

iPhone 13 or iPhone12, CAMERA

Some attention-grabbing areas are witnessed with the rear cameras to begin concerning with regard to the look of iPhone 13. In addition to that, a Sapphire glass is added around the camera bump covering all the lenses to form them seem like a single camera rather than having separate lenses.

Camera of iPhone 13 or iPhone12

Existing iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro-Max got an uplift of its upgrades in terms of camera aspects. It seems to expect a brand new model of camera advancements to the upcoming versions of the iPhone 13.

A Macotakara report declared that the camera module of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro max heading with the identical size, which suggests that the smaller pro mode can have the identical lens as like 13 pro max. Which incorporates the wide lens with sensor-shift stabilization.

Previous year Apple enclosed higher stabilization and 2.5X Optical zoom solely on iPhone 12 pro max. Earlier with the release of the iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro-Max, Apple builds a brand new LiDAR scanner to the rear camera array for depth sensing features likewise, which is additionally also seen on the iPad pro. It’s feasible that Apple has different camera advancements in store for the iPhone 12 S lineup, whether it may be computational photography enhancements, new hardware features, or something else entirely.


The iphone12 and iPhone 12 Pro are driven by apple’s A14 Bionic processor. As Apple tends to boost its quality standards in its in-house semiconductor work, obviously the iPhone 12S/ iPhone 13 to be driven up by apple’s newest processor, likely to introduce as the A15 Bionic processor.

It’s still unclear about its future for the A15 Bionic processor, however, a report from TrendForce has stated the chip will be fabricated by a 5nm process which is almost like an A14 Bionic processor. The abrupt swap implies that apple uses its new 5nm+ technology to boost its performance.


5G compatibility makes it to be bolder compared with the earlier model of iPhone 12, however, it absolutely struck with US iPhone 12 models will only adapt the support of mmWave 5G, with no doubt of added expense of Apple.

5G network in iPhone 13 or iPhone12


This year, from a report it was added that Apple is heading towards the extra provider of mmWave 5G antennas and is placing “a Gaint order” for these with an expectation in iPhone 13 which suggests that Apple decided to expand its mmWave 5Gon the far side of the US versions of the iPhone 12 to the outside of its territory.



Reports have also advised that 2021 may be the year, Apple introduces its first-ever iPhone while not with a lightning port, and most recently, Bloomberg reported it is something being tested internally at Apple.

It’s ambiguous whether Apple launches this year with an intense modification of being port-less, however, Ming-Chi Kuo also foreseen in 2019 that Apple would launch an iPhone excluding withy lightning port in 2021.

Touch ID

There was a question mark that, 2021 may be the year that Touch ID and Face ID would return or not. Since there are several indications making the point to be “Yes”. A genuine statement reported by the Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that it will launch an iPhone with Both face Id and under-screen Touch Id this year. Besides, the authentic leaker L0vetodream has state that the on-screen Touch ID will progress in its unique style However, Bloomberg stated that apple is testing support for in-screen fingerprint access for this year as a new launch. Eventually, it’s still uncertain whether this progress will make it happen in addition to the iPhone 12S, still, it depended on its testing. The advancements with the addition of Face ID and Touch ID would trigger the user to have ease of accessing with an accurate speed of operation unlocking the phone. The user can register their fingerprints and facial Identification which makes it easy to access unlocking the phone. Also, a problem of recognizing face ID has arisen when the user tries to access with face masks, which could be solved by the Touch ID. At the last, if the users wanted to have intense security while accessing their iPhones, the user can avail the options by setting up both Face Id and Touch ID mandatory While unlocking the phone.

When will be the iPhone 13 or iPhone12, comes to the hand?

Earlier it’s really distressing to launch the iPhone 13 or iPhone12, as the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak around the world delayed the launch making delaying the preceding models also. This year it got to be scheduled perfectly for the iPhone 13 will be followed the previous models before the iphone12 footsteps. It means it is expected that iPhone 13 will be in the hands by September 2021. iPhone 13 – Upgrading our minds with a new update just go with the flow and make yourself updated. you are living in the US and want to purchase the iPhone 13 or iPhone12, everyone can purchase it after launching.


As usual, the worth of coming models of iPhone 13 is still hidden and would be announced before its release.

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