Spilled Water on Macbook Pro But Still Works or Not – What to do now

Have you spilled water on macbook pro but still works? Worried about what to do? I have an answer to your question. In this article, I will be discussing some simple steps which can help you to save your MacBook. Let’s Discuss.

The very first thing, don’t turn it on to see if it’s still working. A lot of people ask what I should do if I spilled water on my MacBook or I spilled water on my MacBook Air? All you have to do is follow our simple steps to save your MacBook from further damage.

Spilled Water on Macbook Pro But Still Works or Not

Spilled Water on Macbook Pro But Still Works

We all heard stories about people who dropped their iPhone without permanent damage in the water. This is promising, but it is not the same for your MacBook.

Your MacBook is not water-resistant, unlike the new iPhone, Apple Watch, or even AirPods Pro. And it’s definitely not waterproof.

Last night, I spilled water on my MacBook air and now I don’t know what to do now.

Mention below are some simple steps to follow: – 

  • Disconnect Your MacBook Securely from Power

Your safety should be the first consideration. To avoid getting shocked or starting a fire, you have to be cautious about water and electricity.

Find the circuit breaker if water has spilled onto a power outlet and turn it off. Unplug the charger from the wall when charging your MacBook. Even if it means more liquid spills on your MacBook in the meantime, you need to do this before moving your MacBook to a dry space.

You do not have to worry if your MacBook is running off its battery.

  • Moving Your MacBook into a Dry Area

Now that you’ve disconnected any power sources, lifting your MacBook out of the liquid should be safe. Depending on what has happened, that could mean shifting it to a dry patch on the desk or fishing it out of the swimming pool. Resting it on a towel or some other absorbent medium in a clean, dry space is probably a good idea.

  • Immediately, Power Your MacBook

If you spilled water on a MacBook air keyword while it was on, immediately turn it off. Don’t try to save your work, do not shut down your apps, do not open the Apple menu.

Holding the power button before your MacBook switches off is what you have to do.

  • Disconnect the Battery and Unplug Accessories

Unplug any gadget or accessory connected to your Mac that is external. This includes storage devices, displays, and even input devices such as a mouse or keyboard that are external.

Take that out as well, if your Mac has a removable battery. On newer MacBook models, this is not possible; it’s typically obvious whether you can detach the battery from the bottom of the casing.

  • Try to Absorb as much Liquid as Possible

It is time for the water or liquid you spilled on your MacBook to be absorbed. Wiping it clean using a paper towel or some cotton cloth is the best way to do this. To prevent damaging it, use a microfiber towel on the screen of the MacBook.

To get into any nook and cranny, you may want to use a cotton swab. Particularly around the keyboard and in the ports, where it is easy to get trapped by water.

By clicking the power button, be careful not to inadvertently turn your Mac on. If you do, press and hold the button to turn on your Mac again.

  • Let Air Dry Your MacBook for At Least 48 Hours

You are probably tempted to turn on your MacBook at this stage to see if it still works. It’s a bad idea here.

Even if your MacBook is turned on, the internal components probably still have liquid. When you turn it on, a lot of extra harm can be caused by the electrical current going through these wet parts

Instead, wait for your MacBook to air dry for at least 48 hours, if not double that.

At that time depending on where you spilled liquid on your Mac, you may want to prop your MacBook upside down to allow the liquid to leak the keyboard or ports out.

Some people recommended that you rest your MacBook on a towel, open and upside down, with the computer hanging over the edge of a table. Make sure your mac is well balanced and not likely to fall off if you do this. 

The simplest way to dry your MacBook is to encourage a cool airflow around it. Most important is to avoid heat. 

For the components within your MacBook, excessive heat is bad and may cause more harm. Do not use a hairdryer and do not install a radiator on your MacBook.

To facilitate absorption, you can use silica gel packets, but don’t use dry rice. Within your ports, rice granules are lodged and cause damaging residue on the internal components to develop.

  • Wait Until Your MacBook is Completely Dry

Before turning on your MacBook again, be patient and wait for at least 48 hours. This helps you to dry the water or liquid that you spilled inside your MacBook, giving it the best long-term chance of survival.

Only when you’re sure the liquid inside is dry should you use your MacBook again.

Unfortunately, you can encounter new issues further down the road, even though your MacBook seems to work perfectly. One of the worst things about pouring liquid on your MacBook is that even though it dries out, components begin to corrode and rust.

You may want to schedule a Brilliant Bar appointment to prevent potential issues, so Apple can open your MacBook and check it for harm. You would need to pay for an out-of-warranty patch if they find any issues.

Many people ask some questions about what to do if I spilled water on a MacBook Air or water spilled on a MacBook pro. In the future, avoid spilling liquid on your Mac by following our simple tips.

Accidents occur. On your MacBook, there’s always a chance of spilling fluid or water. That said, you can take a couple of measures to make these nasty accidents less likely.

A simple rule of thumb is to keep your MacBook high on your desk above any drinks. That could mean buying a MacBook stand or holding your drinks elsewhere on a lower surface.

Insuring your Mac against injuries is also a smart idea because you can have it fixed no matter what the cost is. Lastly, always keep a backup of your MacBook so you won’t lose data.

Well, this was it. Follow these simple steps if you have spilled water on your MacBook. Do not get panic this can happen to anyone. All you have to do is to relax and see what you can do to save your MacBook from further damage.

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